Turner Ashby And His Music

Turner Ashby began his musical journey at an early age.  He asked his parents if he could take violin lessons when he was 6.  He enjoyed the violin but moved on to bass guitar.  It wasn’t long before Turner began teaching himself how to play acoustic and electric guitar.

Turner was especially impressed with the music of Dave Matthews and the wide range of chord variations “Dave” is known for.  Other influences on Turner’s music were The Beatles, Inspection 12, Ben Folds, Jack Johnson, Bob Marley, The Allman Brothers Bands, among others.  Turner spent a lot of time in the family “music room” writing, jamming, and recording songs of his and others.  Music was the ultimate form of expression for Turner.

In 2005, Turner’s brothers, Preston and Forrest, formed the jam band, “Crashby” with good friend Jay Coggin.  Crashby enjoyed a bluesy approach to their music, with an emphasis on improvisation throughout their songs.  Crashby late became “George Turner (GT) and the Bandits” after Turner’s untimely death. Copyright ©© 2012-2013 G Turner Ashby Music. All Rights Reserved.