Meet The Musicians

G. Turner Ashby
Turner Ashby began playing violin at age 6.  He moved on to bass, acoustic and electric guitar.  Music was the ultimate expression for Turner, and he enjoyed playing, jamming, writing and recording with family and friends.

Preston Ashby
Preston Ashby began with piano at the age of 6 and moved to guitar at 12.  He is also passionate about recording bands, along with his own projects.  Preston was the frontman and primary songwriter for Crashby and GT and the Bandits.  He experiments with many genres but is especially partial to the blues.  Preston’s soulful sound is found in countless songs he has written over the years.

Forrest Ashby
Forrest Ashby began playing drums at age 8.  He has anchored the beat of Crashby, GT and the Bandits, along with many other bands and ensembles.  Forrest also plays guitar and piano.  He enjoys rock, blues, jazz and contemporary worship music.

Jay Coggin
Jay Coggin is an amazing bass player and has provided the solid groove for Crashby, GT and the Bandits, and numerous other projects.  In addition to electric bass, Jay enjoys stand up acoustic bass, guitar and drums.

Guest Appearance by:

Luis Colon
A moving addition to “The Salt Myrtle Sessions” includes the melodious harmonies of Luis Colon on saxophone. Copyright ©© 2012-2013 G Turner Ashby Music. All Rights Reserved.