Crashby was a jam band formed in 2005 by Preston Ashby, Jay Coggin, and Forrest Ashby. Their soulful, bluesy sound evolved into creative improvisation throughout their songs and gigs. Preston, Jay and Forrest begina playing together early in their high school years and Crashby’s tight groove reflected this comfort with one another. Crashby recorded “The Salt Myrtle Sessions” at “The Music Room” in Fleming Island, FL. Turner recorded one of Jay’s bands prior to Crashby and would be proud of the band’s evolution. Crashby became GT and the Bandits after Turner’s untimely death.

The Salt Myrtle Sessions is just one recorded session by Crashby. It offers a variety of sounds and moods produced by the band in 2008. It is perhaps the most popular and well-known collection of Crashby music. Songs not labeled were written by Preston Ashby.

The Salt Myrtle Sessions
1. Will Not Walk Away
2. Damn Undertow – Written by G. Turner Ashby
3. Double Triple – Written by G. Turner Ashby
4. Wayside Blues
5. Never Stop Lovin’
6. Goodbye
7. Cain and Abel



GT and The Bandits, formerly Crashby, was a hard driving blues band.  Preston Ashby handled vocals and guitars, Jay Coggin bass, and Forrest Ashby Drums.  All tracks of the debut album, Rainin’ Blues, were recorded at The Music Room in Fleming Island, Fl.  Featured musicians included Luis Colon on saxophone, Walt Mingledorff on B3 organ and piano, and Patick Callihan on cowbell.  All songs were written by Preston Ashby except “Pledging My Time”, written by Bob Dylan (Dwarf Music) and “Pray For Rain”, written by John Grey Higginbotham (JJ Grey Music, Inc.).  The project was mixed by Paul Lapinski.

1. Pledging My Time
2. Delta Blues
3. Jars
4. Where I’m Going
5. Rainin’ Blues
6. Fallin’
7. Blue Lights
8. I Got the Blues
9. My Red Wall
10. Pray for Rain Copyright ©© 2012-2013 G Turner Ashby Music. All Rights Reserved.